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The Bible for Kids Podcast

Nov 8, 2021

This week Amy and Mike talk with author Dave Connis about his new picture book, The Inventions of God (and Eva)

From whirligigs to robots, children love to imagine and create. But where does all of their curiosity and innovation come from? In The Inventions of God (and Eva), Dave Connis, author and father of three tells an adorable story that shows children that their creativity is not a coincidence but is the image and imagination of God living in them.

Masterfully illustrated by Amy Domingo, the book introduces little Eva, a budding engineer. Just like God, Eva loves to invent all kinds of things and make broken things new. While Eva isn’t always happy with the earlier forms of her creations, God loves every version of His—including Eva!

While celebrating innovation and a STEAM approach to learning, The Inventions of God (and Eva) also shines a light on God’s limitless creativity, His love for His children, and what it means to be made in His image.

Lively and full of heart, this one-of-a-kind picture book for readers of Matthew Paul Turner and kids ages 3-7 is sure to be treasured by families who long to instill in their children a love for and knowledge of their Creator.

Dave Connis is a former librarian and the author of several YA novels, including The Temptation of Adam and Suggested Reading, recipient of a starred review from Kirkus Reviews. He lives in Georgia with his wife and three kids.