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The Bible for Kids Podcast

Feb 27, 2023

This week Mike and Sarah talk with author Mary Holloman about her new book, The Anxious Lily.

Lola the Lily hasn’t a care in the world―until she pokes through the ground and realizes that she has no clothes! This realization is only the beginning of her worries.

What if her stem gets crinkled?

What if her petals get wet and soggy?

With so many things that could go wrong, Lola has no time to waste―she must make herself a complete wardrobe to prepare for all her worst fears.

Will Lola’s worries keep her from being the lily God created her to be?


*Anxiety in Young Ones and Adults

*The Comparison Trap

*Finding Peace and Rest in God

*Growth in Every Season

*Contentment in Current Circumstances

*God's Sovereignty

Mary Holloman is passionate about communicating deep truths through story-driven writing. She is a contributing author for three books, and has written for many online publications, including Her View From Home, Lifeway Research, the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, Charisma Magazine, and the Christian Broadcasting Network. She and her husband have three beautiful children and live in the Triad of North Carolina. She loves to create rhymes, act silly with her kids, and eat dark chocolate. You can follow along with her at