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The Bible for Kids Podcast

May 29, 2023

This week co-hosts Mike Nawrocki and Sarah Humphrey welcome back prior co-host and author Amy Parker. Sarah gets to talk with Mike and Amy about new titles in the Bible for Me brand.

New titles include the Bible for Me: Bible Stories & Prayers Family Devotional, Coloring book, and Memory Verse Matching Card game!

The Bible Stories & Prayers Family Devotional features 50 new devotionals written by Mike and Amy each ending with a prayer which can be easily personalized with your child's name when reading. The devotionals cover the same 50 stories presented in the Bible for Me: Bible Stories and Prayers Bible Storybook and can be used as a companion to it or alone.

The Bible Stories & Prayers Coloring Book includes 50 stories which go along with the Bible for Me: Bible Stories & Prayers Bible Storybook and Family Devotional book. Printed on heavy paper with perforated pages so the new masterpieces can easily be torn out to post proudly. Includes stories Genesis thru Revelation. Each story includes verse references and Title so kids can continue learning about the Bible.

The Bible Matching and Memory Game is more than just a game. Kids will love matching their favorite characters from the Old and New Testament and parents will love their kids learning their stories and seeing their kids' biblical knowledge grow. Includes:

  • 25 pairs from the OT and NT in two decks
  • Each pair includes character name, story and scripture reference and memory verse
  • Bible verse is half on each card so when matched they can read and learn the entire verse.

The Bible for Me family of products is available from Amazon or soon from website.