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The Bible for Kids Podcast

May 15, 2023

This is a fun week as we change this up a bit and have a chat and celebration for the launch of the 11th book in Mike Nawrocki's The Dead Sea Squirrels early reader series.  Mike and co-host author Sarah Humphrey chat with the crew at Tyndale Kids about the series how the book is put together, the illustration process and marketing.

You'll enjoy this behind the scenes look into the publishing process and learn more about all the squirrelly things going on!

In book 11, Merle and Pearl have been separated! While Pearl is back with the Gomez family, Merle finds himself scurrying through the Holy Land with Dave, a honey-loving, talking lizard. Together, Merle and Dave must brave the perils of the Israeli wilderness in the hopes of reuniting Merle with his friends and foiling Dr. Simon’s evil plan. Get ready for more daring escapes, hilarious jokes, and squirrel origami as Merle and Pearl try to make their way back to each other. Will they find each other before Dr. Simon does?

Readers will learn about Jesus calling his disciples and the Kingdom of God.