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The Bible for Kids Podcast

Jan 17, 2022

This week the discussion continues about Mike and Amy's new Bible Storybook releasing in February - The Bible for Me: Bible Stories and Prayers.

You can learn more about the book at

The Bible for Me – Bible Stories & Prayers is written by bestselling Christian children’s author Amy Parker and VeggieTales® co-creator Mike Nawrocki, who have introduced tens of millions of children to Bible stories through their books and videos. The 50 stories selected (25 from the Old Testament and 25 from the New Testament) unfold the story of God’s people with a focus on God’s great love. Each reading includes a prayer which can be easily tailored with a child’s name, making each story uniquely personal.

“We know that an early understanding of God’s Word plays a vital role in establishing a lifelong foundation of faith,” write co-authors Mike Nawrocki and Amy Parker. “We hope Bible Stories & Prayers helps parents and grandparents introduce children to God’s endless love for them.”