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The Bible for Kids Podcast

May 16, 2022

This week Amy and Mike talk with author Jeff Atwood about his series of Need to Know books including his latest title which is perfect for this season, Need to Know for Graduates: Little Things That Make a Big Difference!

Grads will appreciate this collection of practical and highly relevant wisdom and wit that will help them manage their expectations, experience grace, and laugh at themselves when things don’t go as planned.
Author Jeff Atwood shares the real-life, hard-won lessons he’s learned through the years, the kind of guidance he wishes someone would have given him as he entered the adult world.  
Those seeking direction for their next phase of life will appreciate these helpful insights, including: 

  • Do what brings you joy. Not what brings your parents joy or pays well or looks impressive. Find the thing that brings you joy, and everything else will likely take care of itself.
  • You are not the sum of “likes” or “friends” or any other social media affirmation. Don’t let people you don’t know define or shape your value.
  • You were made to do great things that only you can do. We need you to do them.

Need to Know for Graduates is an ideal gift for grads and provides personal inspiration for everyday living.  

Jeff is an author, speaker, nonprofit leader, and marketing consultant. He has more than two decades of experience in brand development, specializing in helping organizations and communities tell their stories. Jeff has spoken to healthcare and other community groups, sharing experiences, and celebrating the work of healthcare providers, drawn from his unique perspective as both a healthcare leader and as the parent of medically and intellectually challenged child.