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The Bible for Kids Podcast

Dec 20, 2021

For our final podcast before Christmas - this week we're repeating a great one.  Mike interviewing co-host co-host Amy Parker and her co-author Tricia Goyer about their new picture book; The Grumbles: A Story about Gratitude.

Are you trying to teach your about gratitude? The Grumbles are here to help . . . they just don't know it yet!

The Grumble family tried not to complain but bills and laundry and sibling squabbles kept everyone rumbling. When Grandma Grateful comes for a visit, things change. Bestselling authors Tricia Goyer and Amy Parker team up to spread an attitude of gratitude. 

The Grumbles teach children:

  • how to approach life with a gracious mindset
  • about core Christian values
  • how to seek out the goodness in everything and identify blessings

This picture book is perfect for:

  • ages 4 to 8
  • a classroom story time focused on thankfulness, kindness, or gratitude
  • reading aloud together as a bedtime story
  • birthdays, holiday gift giving, or as an addition to your home library

The Grumbles is a sweet, simple, and silly story about how to turn grumbles into gratefulness.