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The Bible for Kids Podcast

Apr 5, 2021

A fun episode this week with Amy Parker talking with co-host Mike Nawrocki and his new partner in animation - the talented Steve Taylor, about taking Mike's The Dead Sea Squirrels series of books into an animated series.

THE DEAD SEA SQUIRRELS (from Mike Nawrocki, co-creator of VeggieTales and voice of Larry the Cucumber) tells the story of Merle and Pearl, two 1st century squirrels from Israel who’ve been preserved in sea salt in a cave alongside the Dead Sea, When 10-year-old Michael discovers them 2000 years later and sneaks them home in his backpack, hijinks ensue after this salty couple reanimate and take their new friend on adventures full of action, humor, music, and character-building lessons.

Mike's team includes renowned Disney animator Tom Bancroft and legendary producer Steve Taylor.

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