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The Bible for Kids Podcast

Nov 28, 2022

This week Mike and Sarah talk with Brock Starnes and Garrett Taylor about the new animated series, Andrew Peterson's The Wingfeather Saga which debuts on December 2nd.

Once, in a cottage above the cliffs on the Dark Sea of Darkness, there lived three children and their trusty dog Nugget. Janner Igiby, his brother Tink,...

Nov 21, 2022

This week Mike and Sarah talk with singer, songwriter, and author Ellie Holcomb about her new Christmas book, Sounding Joy.

Does it sound like falling snow, or a kiss on your cheek? Award-winning recording artist Ellie Holcomb explores this question through a delightful collection of Christmastime scenes, leading up to...

Nov 14, 2022

This week Mike and Sarah speak with author Abbey Feldkamp about her new board book, Wonderful Marvelous Magnificent You.

Wonderful, Marvelous, Magnificent You offers young children an engaging and colorful tool for teaching them about Jesus in a relatable way. It was crafted as a rhyming story with vivid imaginative and...

Nov 7, 2022

This week Mike and Sarah talk with author Kathleen Davis about her books Feathers From Above and Brave.

A feather may be found by your bed, near the couch, in the car, or even floating in the air. Feathers are often found randomly, but may not be random at all. "Feathers From Above," is a rhyming children's book that...