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The Bible for Kids Podcast

Mar 6, 2023

This week Mike and Sarah interview returning guest Dorena Williamson about her new book, 

With joyfully illustrated pages and simple yet impactful biblically based statements of truth, young readers ages 4-8 are introduced to children from Haiti, India, Korea, Rwanda, Spain, New Zealand, and many more countries, declaring and celebrating their God-given identities. The positive “I am” statements and diverse characters point to how God has uniquely created all children to reveal his glory, while also serving as a beautiful reminder for kids to be confident in who they are—and more importantly, who they belong to. 

I KNOW WHO I AM encapsulates a timeless message for young believers: that they are loved and are enough because Christ created them to be exactly who they are.

Dorena Williamson is the bestselling author of Brown Baby Jesus, Crowned with Glory, and more children's books celebrating multiculturalism. She is also a preacher's kid, pastor's wife, and cross-cultural ministry veteran. She and her husband planted Strong Tower Bible Church in Nashville, Tennessee, a faith community passionate about biblical justice and God's diverse kingdom.