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The Bible for Kids Podcast

Jan 16, 2023

This week hosts Mike Nawrocki and Sarah Humphries catch up with author Caroline Saunders and talk about her latest book, The Story of Home.

No one makes a home like God! The Bible is filled with stories about homes, from the Garden of Eden to the Promised Land, from the tabernacle in the desert to the temple in Jerusalem. But what do these stories have in common? What is God showing us through them? Enter The Story of Home and discover God’s perfect plan to build the homiest of homes through Jesus. Learn how Jesus welcomes all who are homesick to be part of His family and live happily with Him forever!

  • Filled with stunning illustrations
  • Traces the theme of home throughout the Bible
  • A perfect house-warming gift for a family
  • Can also encourage those who are homesick, lonely, or without a permanent home

Caroline Saunders is a writer, Bible teacher, pastor's wife, and mother of three who believes in taking Jesus seriously and being un-serious about nearly everything else. She's written two Bible studies for teen girls (Good News: How to Know the Gospel and Live It and Better Than Life: How to Study the Bible and Like It, LifeWay Girls), a retelling of the books of Joel, Amos, and Jonah for elementary readers called Sound the Alarm, and two kids books (The Story of Water and The Story of Home, B&H Kids). Find her writing, resources, and ridiculousness at, on Instagram @writercaroline, and on TikTok @writercarolinesaunders.