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The Bible for Kids Podcast

Dec 5, 2022

This week Mike and Sarah catch up with returning guest Eric Schrotenboer to discuss two new books that he co-wrote with his wife Meredith.

The Youngest Disciple:
You are never too young to be a disciple. Join John, the youngest disciple, as he responds to Jesus’ call and follows in His footsteps. From the shores along the Sea of Galilee to the empty tomb in Jerusalem, The Youngest Disciple takes children of all ages on a journey to discover how they are called to be disciples too. Walk with John as he learns how to be like Jesus.
The Mouse in the Manger:
Little Mouse feels small and insignificant, especially compared to all the other animals in the Bethlehem house where he lives. He wishes he had a special talent to share or an important purpose to fulfill. Then one night, a couple named Mary and Joseph arrive looking for somewhere to stay after a long journey. The usual guest room is full, but the family members offer radical hospitality and make space for Joseph and Mary to be comfortable and warm. That same night, Mary gives birth to a baby boy named Jesus. Little Mouse wants to do something special for the new baby, but feels like he has nothing to offer. Will Little Mouse think of a way to give Jesus a special gift?
Eric and Meredith Schrotenboer are both storytellers at heart. Eric is an award-winning filmmaker and music composer. Meredith is an award-winning journalist and news anchor. Eric has his Masters of Divinity and leads biblical study trips to Israel and Jordan through his ministry The Acacia Project. Meredith is a certified Enneagram Coach and facilitator. Together they created Fresh Wind Studios where they create resources that help children and families better understand the historical, geographical, and cultural context of the Bible. They are the creators of the award-winning Christmas resource, “The Wandering Wise Men” and authors of “Hear, O Little One: In the Morning and in the Evening,” “The Youngest Disciple,” and “The Mouse in the Manger.” Eric and Meredith live in Grand Rapids, MI with their two children, Meryn and Judah.