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The Bible for Kids Podcast

Oct 24, 2022

This week Mike and Sarah catch up with author Lauren Chandler to talk bout her book Praise Him!

Remember this, a simple song, and lift your voice and praise!
In this beautifully illustrated board book, Lauren Chandler’s lyrical lines encourage us that in the day or in the night, wherever we go, we can praise God continually.

From page to page, follow a child through her day as she goes from sunny morning to stormy afternoon and then shadowy night. Be reminded that God is always there with us, even when days are hard, and that we need only simple words to praise Him.

Lauren Chandler is passionate about writing, music, and leading worship at her home congregation, The Village Church, and across the country. She is the author of two Bible studies, including With Us in the Wilderness, and two other books including one for children: Goodbye to Goodbyes. Lauren and her husband, pastor Matt Chandler, live with their three children in Flower Mound, Texas.