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The Bible for Kids Podcast

Oct 3, 2022

This week Mike an Sarah talked to father/daughter duo Mark E. Moore and Meghan Howerton, about their book, Core 52: Build Kid's Bible Confidence in 10 Minutes A Day.

About the book:

In just ten minutes a day, you and your kids can master 52 core Bible verses over the course of a year--and have fun doing so!

While there are lots of one-year Bible reading plans and family devotionals, few help kids understand the words that they're reading. In this new addition to the popular Core 52 line of resources, Mark E. Moore and his daughter, former teacher and stay-at-home mom Megan Howerton, coach you and your family through 52 of the Bible's key verses.

Each week provides you and your child with a simple 5-day plan:

Day 1—read the Bible verse and explanatory text and start a fun challenge

Day 2—memorize a key verse with the help of an engaging 3-minute video

Day 3—read a longer related Bible passage and answer a question

Day 4—further explore through a second Scripture verse and question

Day 5—answer deeper questions together and assess the results of the week’s challenge

In just a year, Core 52 Family Edition takes children aged 6 to 12 from biblically curious to spiritually confident and competent. Best of all, it’s a journey you’ll take with them!

Author bios:

Mark E. Moore is a teaching pastor at Christ's Church of the Valley in Phoenix, Arizona, one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic churches in America. Here he leverages two decades in a college classroom teaching New Testament. His goal is to make Scriptures accessible and relevant to people trying to make sense of Christianity. His two worlds of academic Bible study and practical Christian living come together in this powerful resource line called Core 52.

Megan Howerton enjoys waking up early for her favorite treat: an Arizona sunrise. Megan is a veteran teacher who previously used her gifts as an elementary educator, but now focuses on her favorite pupils, the Howerton children. Core 52 Family Edition was born out of combining her biggest passions—loving Jesus, raising the next generation, and valuable teaching. Megan lives in Phoenix with her husband and four wonderful children.