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The Bible for Kids Podcast

Sep 12, 2022

This week Sarah and Mike talk with Evan Barber of Axis about navigating conversations with teens!

Since 2007, Axis has helped hundreds of thousands of parents navigate conversations with their teens, creating resources to help bridge the gap between the generations. Evan leads a team of gospel-minded researchers, writers, speakers, and content creators, leveraging pop culture to help parents show teens how faith is relevant to every aspect of their lives. For three years he traveled with Axis Live teams, talking with Gen Z directly about worldview and pop culture, before becoming a curriculum writer and producer for content on mental health, relationships, social media, and spiritual formation. He is now the Chief Editor and head of the content department. Evan studied English and Philosophy at the University of Arkansas. 

Conversations with teens about core teen culture topics can feel difficult, foreign, or even just plain too big, especially when trying to talk about social media issues in light of the gospel.

The Parent Guides to Social Media, the first in the resource series by Axis, breaks down and translates teen culture in ways that parents can understand and gives the vocabulary to help parents navigate social media conversations with biblical wisdom and cultural savvy.
FOMO. Influencers. Instagram. TikTok. YouTube.

These Axis guide booklets are for parents wondering how to connect with their teens as they help them navigate social media responsibly and equip their teens to interact with both Christians and non-
Christians in a way that is reflective of the gospel.

The five guides around social media topics release November 22 of this year and will be available wherever books are sold.