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The Bible for Kids Podcast

Mar 1, 2021

It's Randall and Amy Goodgame - talking with Mike and Amy about the second season of the Slugs & Bugs Show!

Welcome to The Slugs & Bugs Show, where you’ll laugh along with Doug, Sparky, Maggie, Morty, and special guests while musician Randall Goodgame find ways to capture their quirky and faith-filled adventures in catchy songs. It’s delightful, hand-crafted fun for kids of all ages! From a producer of VeggieTales.

Episode themes include: Teamwork, Racial Injustice and Equity, Two Kinds of Cool, Mentors, Community, Chores, Power of Words, Sharing, Adoption, Misinterpretation, Prayer, Fairness, Collaboration, Friendship, Difference, Creativity, Love, and Wonder

Episode guests include: Big Easy of the Harlem Globetrotters, Musician and Author Andrew Peterson, NASA Astronaut Patrick Forrester, Olympian Scott Hamilton, Musician Ellie Holcomb, Musician Buddy Green, Pastor Glenda Sutton, and many more.

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