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The Bible for Kids Podcast

Jul 5, 2021

This week Amy and Mike catch up with Sarah Dahl - creator and host of the We Wonder podcast.

We Wonder is a podcast that invites children (and their parents) into a life of wonder, engagement, and curiosity about the Bible. We think children should be encouraged to ask questions and actively engage God as they encounter Scripture. On this podcast, we provide space to enter God's good words together, wonder about them, and talk with God about what we find.

Sarah is a writer who developed the children's ministry curriculum at City Church San Francisco, and is involved in lay theological education with the Newbigin House of Studies. She attended Wheaton College and Luther Seminary, and believes deeply in imaginative formation in Scripture as a gift for spiritual growth. Her writing also appears in Comment and Christian History magazines. She lives in San Francisco with her husband, two children, and a very elderly cat.