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The Bible for Kids Podcast

Jan 11, 2021

Amy and Mike talk story with Melina Smith, founder of StoryMakers

StoryMakers is dedicated to equipping parents and churches with tools to engage children in the redemptive narrative of the Gospel through creativity and play. We create beautifully printed magazines (“zines”), memory cards, playbooks, and vibrant visuals that give kids and grown-ups the chance to connect while exploring the greatest stories ever told. 

Ten years ago, Melina began to develop children’s content because it was difficult to find resources that contained the Gospel, inspired creativity, and engaged children from a social-emotional space. It seemed that much of Sunday School materials had been reduced simply to moralism packaged in cartoons or worksheets. So, she imagined the possibility of creating a new way to teach the faith to children, an approach that considered the whole child and their church experience. In 2018, she launched StoryMakers NYC