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The Bible for Kids Podcast

Mar 22, 2021

Amy and Mike talk to Mario DeMatteo about his graphic novel Bible story series featuring Paul and Peter.

As a young man, Mario DeMatteo dreamed of telling stories like those told in his favorite Disney films and in series like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. In 2014, Mario’s whole life was flipped upside down after he survived a tragic diving accident that left him with a broken neck and permanently paralyzed. Through the grace of God, perseverance, an amazing family and friends, and a whole lot of prayer, Mario found a calling in comic books and graphic novels as a powerful way to spread literacy and the Gospel of Jesus.

In an era of social media obsession and technology-driven entertainment, teaching biblical stories to young people can be a challenge. In his two volume graphic novel series Graphic Story Bible (BroadStreet® Publishing Group), Mario DeMatteo with Ben Avery (writer), Mark Harmon (illustrations), and Ismael Castro (Colorist) have created a colorful adventure based on the story of Apostle Peter and Apostle Paul as told in the New Testament. Holding true to the Bible scriptures, though set in a futuristic world with cartoon creatures, this adaptation will captivate young readers while teaching biblical values, such as:

  • The Transforming Power of Redemption: The transformation of Saul, who persecuted and killed Christians, into the spiritual disciple of Paul is one of the greatest conversion stories and reminds us that God can redeem any sin.
  • Christ is Our Example of Compassion and Love: If we want to be a true example of Christ and draw others to him, we should exemplify his characteristics of love and forgiveness and his practice of praying for our enemies.
  • Persecution of Faith Brings Blessings: Peter, Paul and other Christians were physically persecuted for their faith, and some were even killed. Their testimonies remind us that Christ is with us—especially during times of persecution, and he offers us a great reward for our commitment to him.
  • Pursue Your Life’s Calling: Mario asked God to show him how to use his gifts and talents. Once we identify our gifts, we should utilize them to bless others, fulfill our calling, and glorify God.