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The Bible for Kids Podcast

Apr 20, 2020

This week Amy and Mike interview author Laura Smith about finding your identity in Christ and how that looks to kids through teens.

Laura is the author of the False Reflections trilogy for teen girls (Skinny, Hot, and Angry), 5-Minute Devotions for Girls, and the upcoming How Sweet the Sound (August 2020)

Laura L. Smith has been searching her whole life for beauty. Not in the world--there's plenty of that--in the crimson of a cardinal's feather, in the sound of waves crashing along a shore, in the melody of a Beatles' ballad, or in a Chagall stained glass window. The world is filled with beauty, but for her that was another story. It took her years to discover her true beauty, to fully grasp she is made in the image of her Creator, and therefore, she is beautiful. The incredible thing are you. You were marvelously made by God to inspire awe. No matter what the world tries to tell you, no matter what you try to tell yourself. No one can rob you of the incredible true identity God instilled in you. Smith tells stories (through books, blogs, and speaking) in hopes of helping you discover what took her so long to see: your beautiful true reflection in Christ. Smith lives in the college town of Oxford, Ohio with her husband and four kids.

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