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The Bible for Kids Podcast

May 4, 2020

This week on the Podcast, Amy and Mike talk to Jana Magruder - Director of Lifeway Kids about teaching kids about the Bible and her book Nothing Less: Engaging Kids in a Lifetime of Faith.

The 10 Greatest Influencers of Spiritual Health for Your Kids
We love our kids. We want to be good parents. We want our kids to know God and grow in their relationship with Him. But trends show that our culture is increasingly secular with fewer younger generations staying in church. In fact, even the church-going faithful attend less often. Families are busy and fill their lives pursuing what is practical in their eyes and to make them happy.

In today’s culture, what can parents do to help their kids know God and continue to stay in a growing, thriving relationship with Him? LifeWay Research reveals the top 10 influencers of spiritual health to guide parents and churches to avoid negative influences and focus on what’s most important for your child.

But where do we begin? The research helps us see that we need not look further than God’s Word. Read it. Read it consistently. Read it together. Talk about it. Apply it to your life. And don’t shy away from any of it. In the words of AW Tozer, “Nothing less than the whole Bible can make a whole Christian.”

Jana Magruder is the Director of LifeWay Kids. Jana brings a wealth of experience and passion for kids ministry, education, and curriculum writing. She and her husband, Michael, along with their three children reside in Nashville, TN.

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