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The Bible for Kids Podcast

Oct 12, 2020

Amy and Mike talk in this episode with Jesse Florea editor of "Family Clubhouse" from Focus on the Family, about his new book Defend Your Faith - 100 Devotions for Kids with Questions.

Why do you believe in God?

Answering that question might seem hard, but it’s important. “Defend Your Faith: 100 Devotions for Kids with Questions” introduces young believers to apologetics. These devotions give readers real tools and real answers for why they believe in God and why they trust the Bible.

Through the easy-to-digest entries, kids will look into the universe and see how God’s fingerprints are all over creation. They’ll dig in the dirt to uncover archeological evidence. And they’ll hear stories of real-life defenders of the faith who inspire us to do the same.

The “Defend Your Faith” devotional is written for kids 8 to 12, the age when many make a decision for Christ. Let’s equip and empower them to know what they believe, why they believe it, and how to defend it.

Jesse Florea has worked at Focus on the Family for nearly 20 years. For more than 15, he's been the editor of “Focus on the Family Clubhouse” (for boys and girls ages eight to twelve). He earned bachelor and master's degrees in communications from Wheaton College in Illinois.

Jesse has written or co-written several other books (including “The One Year Sports Devotions for Kids,” “Adventures of Average Boy: Growing Up Super Average,” “The One-Year Devos for Sports Fans” and “The One-Year Everyday Devotions.” He lives with his wife, Stephanie, and two teenagers, Nate and Amber, in Colorado Springs.