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The Bible for Kids Podcast

Jun 22, 2020

Amy and Mike interview possibly the most joyful author ever - Emma Mae Jenkins about her new book All-Caps YOU: A 30-Day Adventure toward Finding Joy in Who God Made You to Be.

Young women are under more pressure than ever before: pressure to be pretty, to be successful, to have a perfect selfie game. Is it possible for them to be their true selves? Or must they fit into the same mold as the rest of their peers? Into this world of ever-growing pressure bursts Emma Mae Jenkins with a message of hope and unabashed joy.

Emma Mae knows what it feels like to be judged and bullied, but she chooses to ignore the haters and instead focus on a message of love and acceptance in Jesus Christ. In this powerful devotional, Emma Mae will show young women what it looks like to live a life of rejoicing in God’s love and the incredible excitement they can feel when they “live in ALL CAPS” for Him.

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