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The Bible for Kids Podcast

Amy Parker: How to Get a Mommy/Daddy to Sleep

Aug 31, 2020

This week on the podcast Mike gets to interview Amy about her new picture books releasing this month from Tommy Nelson, "How to Get a Mommy to Sleep and How to Get a Daddy to Sleep."

With so much keeping parents up at night, a sweet bedtime story can give families time to reflect, relax and relish the end of the day together. With a strong reputation for cute and creative bedtime books featuring parent-child relationships, best-selling author Amy Parker releases two new books, How to Get a Daddy to Sleep  and How to Get a Mommy to Sleep on sale wherever books are sold, Sept. 1.

Brought to life with vibrant and silly illustrations from Natalia Moore, How to Get a Daddy to Sleep and How to Get a Mommy to Sleep picture books will captivate the attention of little ones. Written as if from one child to another, these fun, role-reversal stories explore the amusing notion — what if kids were in charge of bedtime?

Also keep your eyes peeled for Amy's new book in her Night Night series, Night Night Pumpkin - available now (spotted in 10" edition at Sams).


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